Our Aim

To deliver highquality, cost-effective products on schedule by supporting zealous and focused personnel.

We will continue our commitment and drive to build fair and true relationships with our clients, based on integrity and trust. Conduct successful operations and acquire major manufacturing presence by means of carefully fulfilling projects and orders in all over GCC.

Quality, services and commitment to our clients are our mission. We meet our client’s needs by providing superior service, commitment to technical excellence and by completing projects on time with quality products. We strive to be the best in our filed by focusing on competency, responsiveness, budget and schedule. Our pledge is to complete client satisfaction and to make a productive contribution to our community through our work and accomplishments.

Market We serve

At Zuhal Group, we thrive on challenges. Our formidable reputation for packing solutions throughout the Gulf States was achieved as a result of our ability to tackle the most demanding projects in the most challenging environments.

Since we carry a portfolio of diverse solutions and products, we are able to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers from a broad spectrum of industries within the region. Additionally, we have placed a significant amount of investment in developing the company’s facilities to be able to provide the support and local content required by our clients. And since we consider our workforce as our best asset, Zuhal Group designs and implements comprehensive training programmes to ensure that the skills and expertise levels of our teams are consistently up-to-speed.

Service and Facilities

Located in the industrial hub of Ajman U.A.E, our sprawling manufacturing plant is buzzing with activity.

To deliver on the promise of world-class quality, it is fitted out with top-notch infrastructure and state-of-the-art  machinery. We possess highly sophisticated production equipment and testing facilities.


At our production unit, there is a single-minded approach towards churning out piece after piece of high-precision,  practically zero-defect components. To achieve this, we ensure efficiency and time-saving techniques at all levels. A high degree of automation, such as in the extruder machine and bag making machine enables rapid production and thus a great
turnaround time that exceeds customer expectations.

Since we have stringent quality parameters in place, our testing equipment is equipped to fulfill all the necessary requirements of assembly and test measurements of our product line. Primary testing is carried out throughout the development phase. In addition, a proper traceability pattern is in place for providing transparent tracking of products.

Our Team

Our key staff, most of whom have decades of professional experience, have been carefully selected to complement a well balanced team combining high levels of practical skills and knowledge acquired in the field of managing, manufacturing and operation.

We are a career oriented-company whose commitment is to promote deserving professionals within the organization has resulted in successful and significant geographic expansion. Individuals are given the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as they are willing to seek. 

Furthermore, we believe that consistency and total commitment is the key to customer satisfaction. Our full-fledged, in-house teams successfully put us in a more dependable position compared to others in the market..

Services & Facilities

To deliver on the promise of world-class quality, it is fitted out with top-notch infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery. 

Bulk Order

We possess highly sophisticated production equipment and testing facilities

Zuhal Plastic Bags Manufacturing LLC

Factory 0604, Ajman Industrial 2
P.O box 3246, United Arab Emirates

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